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Helia Holism

I am Tamara, the face behind Helia Holism. I created Helia (the sun goddess) with the intention of sharing my holistic health practice, which resulted in enjoyment much more than practicing yoga.


If I learned one thing in life, it's that resisting transformation will only bring unhappiness. So, here I am trusting my intuition and following my path as a creative


As a dynamic soul, I have lived a very nomadic lifestyle for the last 12 years. I began with a five-year international tourism degree, continued my educational path at Miami Ad School and got certified as an art director. I found myself questioning this industry and did what everybody would do in this situation, go to India and experience an awakening. 


Well, I did find new ideas for my new study in psychology after seeing all the misunderstood souls who were dealing with mental health problems. 


I graduated in psychology and studied photography, which ultimately led me to question our school system. Feeling misunderstood and suffering from dyslexia during my time in school, I decided to become a dyslexic and mindfulness educator for kids and teachers.

I created my own company offering workshops for children and trainings in schools. I moved to Sydney and completed a marketing and communication course. For the last few years I have found myself loving my life in Mexico and Guatemala.


I cannot help but find companies that inspire me as if they were my own. The inspiration to work for them and help promote their mission feels like my purpose right now.


So, if you've created something out of passion and a strong mission to help our planet, people, and all creatures, you are "my people" already.

Thank you and reach out for support anytime!


Content Strategy  Writing     Videography   Branding 
  Events Content     Creative Initiatives

Work Experience


Kakaw Design 

Kakaw Design is a Guatemala Textile Company that aims to connect talented artisans in Guatemala to international creatives and handmade appreciators by creating unique products that incorporate a variety of techniques and traditions found in the country. 

my work: Photography, Videography & editing, graphic design, content strategy



MABI & CO is a vegan Handbag company that is committed to sourcing 100% vegan and earth-friendly materials. They are promoting environmental awareness for a cruelty-free and green planet.

my work: Photography, Videography & editing, copywriting, social media, website design

2020 - currently


Shantikid is a mindfulness & meditation educator for children. Mindfulness & meditation can help minimize anxiety, anger, stress, and increase happiness! At each developmental stage, mindfulness can be a useful tool for balancing our emotions. This company helps children with learning difficulties and improves their emotional regulation. 

my work: Photography, Videography & editing, copywriting, website design, marketing


graduted 2017

Sigmund Freud University

I graduated in Psychology at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna. I specialized in early-childhood development. 

graduted 2017

LIK Academy for Photography & Design

I graduated in Photography & Design with a Diploma course at the LIK Academy Vienna.

The LIK Academy of Photography and Design offers comprehensive training in photography, film, photo design and media design.

graduated 2018

Australian College of Business Intelligence ACBI

I graduated in Marketing & Communications where I learned fundamental concepts behind marketing and communications and expanded my theoretical and practical skills to execute successful marketing campaigns and develop a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior.

graduted 2011

Miami Ad School

I graduated with a Degree in Art Direction at Miami Ad School. I learned to use design, type, illustration and photography to create anything that can tell a story for a brand. During my study I we were able to work together with Google Hamburg, Jung von Matt Group and Jägermeister. Creating concepts and creative innovative are the main focus of this study.


Mental Health  Neurodiversity     Sustainability   Travel   Herbal medicine 
  Environmental     Community   Education   Art   

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